The manifestation of the sacred ontologically founds the world.

- Mircea Eliade

Teknos, what we do, and mythos, what we believe, together create ontos, what we are.

If we are to found a new world, admit its discovery and plant our flags here, it is necessary to accept that a manifestation of the sacred (mythos) can exist within the heart of an entirely technical edifice (teknos). Although cyberspace is constructed entirely by human hands, it is sacred, if we are at all sacred. To deny this would be to deny the divine in each of us; to state that manifestation occurs without cause and without end. Our entire experience as a species tells us otherwise; form the creation stories told around the campfire through the sacred geometries revealed in our cybernetic understanding of form, the sacred is imminent, accessible, and necessary.

The foundation of the world is a magickal event; the creation of a world necessarily implies the creation of a world-view, and magick is our technos developed to manipulate world-view, or rather perception of the world, and hence, reality.

Tonight we announce the imminence of the sacred within a speace most believe profane; but what are we, as beings, that we could function without the Web of beliefs that support us, even deep within the stomach of our technos?

Tonight, then, we go on a journey into sacred space. The technology we use is both thousands of years old and a new-born child; each concretizes aspectsa ot hf the other that had not been seen before. We know that the magickal realm is the most appropriate paradigm for the manipulation of a purely symbolic space, and, quite importantly, we know that if we neglect to imbue our technical constructions with our sacred nature, we can lose the human part of ourselves within them, and become servants only of the profane.

Our form is simple; Gail will prepare us for our journey with a story, then we will ground, quiet our minds and begin to travel. For some of you, this will only be a display of Celtic Wiccan ritual, for others, a journey between the worlds, into magickal space, into Cyberspace. If anyone, for any reason, feels uncomfortable making such a journey, please step to the outside of the circle before it is cast; you will remain behind. I remind you that this is a sacred act; not dour, but pregnant with the imminence of the divine, and I ask all of you to keep sacred silence out of respect for that divinity.

The Ritual begins here.

Adam Madgett